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Saint-Maurice enjoys numerous events to the delight of its inhabitants throughout the year.  Cultural, spiritual, sporting and popular events, whatever you choose give us the pleasure of a visit!

Espace ContreContre : Exhibition YOHEI NISHIMURA

For their third exhibition of the 2022 season, the Espace Contre Contre, together with the Galerie Grande Fontaine in Sion, welcomes the Japanese artist Yohei Nishimura. This installation, an original creation in the spirit of a "writing of the Void", will be surrounded by pieces by Jean-Paul BLAIS and Masamichi Yoshikawa.

An intervention by the artist and poet Flynn Bergmann is planned for the opening of this event.

You've heard of Yohei Nichimura's "fired books": fired at 1200 degrees, miraculously fossilized by the magic of electric ovens acting as a temporal gas pedal. He confronts us out of space-time with the lame remains of collective memory. Nishimura is avant-garde, pushing the concept of object-ceramics (obuje -yaki) to its memorial limits.

Time and memory
Partially removing objects found by chance in impromptu encounters. So for these beer cans fallen on the road, crushed; so for these forgotten books of the libraries. By cooking the material, Yohei Nishimura leaves us with a memorial concept. He subjects empty PET bottles, magazines and aluminum cans to fire in the same transformation process. We recognize, in this new fixation, only a part of the form of the initial objects, as the already deformed presence of their memories, a container separated from the material world. "The fire has indeed the capacity to destroy but also to reveal, to preserve. This controlled artificial fossilization is a kind of praise to the imprint of the passing time."

Additional information:
Round table
August 31: Wild firing from 1:30 pm
A day will be devoted to the shaping and firing of objects made by the artist. The public is invited to participate in the preparation and firing of the objects modeled on site. (the firing being dependent on the cantonal authorizations as regards fire)

September 01: the void in calligraphy from 7:00 pm (reservation recommended)
With Andréa Polier Sugawara and guests

September 03: opening at 2:00 pm
Reading-performance by Flynn Maria Bergmann

Opening hours:
Thursday and Friday: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
By appointment : 078 717 27 75 or

Date 03.09.2022 - 08.10.2022
Adresse Espace ContreContre
Localité 1890 St-Maurice


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