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Saint-Maurice enjoys numerous events to the delight of its inhabitants throughout the year.  Cultural, spiritual, sporting and popular events, whatever you choose give us the pleasure of a visit!

Thomas Wiesel "Ça va"

After having praised French-speaking Switzerland and all its politicians and personalities, his new target is himself. Thomas Wiesel opens up, tells his story, complains, makes fun of himself, and above all wants to reassure you: it's okay. I promise. Thomas Wiesel has succeeded in making a place for himself in the Swiss comedy scene. Behind the pretense of being a class act, he delivers his chiselled punchlines with an authentic and minimalist style, sparing no one, and especially not himself.

General information

Opening time:
8:30 pm

From CHF 45.-

+41 79 266 58 12

Date 13.10.2021
Adresse Théâtre du Martolet
Localité 1890 St-Maurice


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