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The door next door

With Michèle Laroque and Grégoire Bonnet.
A play by Fabrice Roger-Lacan.
Director: Barbara Chanut, assistant director: Oriane Deschamps, dramaturgy: Louis Ripaul.

Michèle Laroque and Grégoire Bonnet are back in the theater! She's a shrink. He sells yoghurts. They're next-door neighbors, they hate each other's guts, and like millions of single people lost in the city, they're furtively searching the Internet for true love - someone just the opposite of that infernal character who lives next door. And when they finally find their soulmate, they can't resist telling each other. Just to shout at each other one more time... The last time?

A play of irresistible humor, with a succession of lines from a malicious author and keen observer of the human race.
The comedy will be performed at the Théâtre du Martolet on Sunday February 23, exceptionally at 5pm.

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Date 23.02.2025 17:00
Prix 1st category: 80 francs / 2nd category: 70 francs.
Adresse Théâtre du Martolet
Localité 1890 St-Maurice


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