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Saint-Maurice enjoys numerous events to the delight of its inhabitants throughout the year.  Cultural, spiritual, sporting and popular events, whatever you choose give us the pleasure of a visit!

Café littéraire avec Narcisse

Swiss artist Narcisse has long created music in the shadows: film music, show soundtracks, albums for various artists. In 2006, he discovered slam poetry, and it was a revelation. Since then, he has never stopped slamming, both in Switzerland and abroad. Narcisse also runs writing workshops.

Moderated by Geneviève Erard, teacher at the Lycée-Collège de l'Abbaye de Saint-Maurice.

Welcome from 6.30pm; meeting begins at 6.45pm.

As part of Printemps de la poésie.

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Date 26.03.2024 18:45 - 19:45
Prix Free admission
Adresse Place de la Gare 2 / CP 110
1890 Saint-Maurice / Suisse
Tél: +41 (0)24 485 40 40
Localité 1890 St-Maurice


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Place de la Gare 2 / CP 110
1890 Saint-Maurice / Suisse
Tél: +41 (0)24 485 40 40

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