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Steles trail route

A Jubilee trail was built to last between the Basilica and the Vérolliez chapel, where the martyrdom of Maurice and his companions took place.

The marking of the route (which takes the Via Francigena route) is made by means of 5 steles made up of stained-glass windows set in granite blocks.

The stained glass windows, original work of the artist Isabelle Tabin-Darbellay, celebrate the great Saints who marked the history of the Abbey:

  • Maurice, the chief martyr of the Theban legion in and around the year 290
  • Théodule, the bishop who comes to remove the remains of the martyrs and deposit them in the first church at the foot of the Agaune rock in and around 380
  • Sigismund, the Burgundian king who built the monastery
  • Augustin, the father of the Church whose canons of the Abbey have followed the Order since 1128

  • Time: around 1 hour
  • Difficulty: level 1
  • Signposts : none
  • Distance : 2 km

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